About My Clips

I’ve been creating clips for over 3 years and have an expansive catalog of over 500 clips covering a wide variety of fetishes.

My preferred clipsite is VenusClips.com. I get the highest percentage of any other clipsite there (85% opposed to 60%). However I am in the process of uploading my huge catalog there.

My full library can be found below and at iWantGoddessVenus.com.

If you’d like to shop a different clip site head to my Links to find one.

Custom clips can be ordered via iWantClips by clicking here.


  • Fetcon’s 2017 Best New Female Fetish Performer

  • Xbiz Cam Awards 2018 Best Female Clip Artist Nominee

  • Xbiz 2019 Best Sex Scene — Clip Site for “Cuckolded With Johnny Stone and Goddess Venus” (iWantClips)

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